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Precision agriculture

Among many uses of drones, one of the most important is the precision agriculture. We do missions during which we obtain material, while using a multispectral camera. The end product from such a mission are two maps: standard RGB orthophotomap and NIR map. Thanks to our analysis of these data, you will be able to precisely determine the plant health degree, thus in more effective way plan fertilization of your crops, including production potential of the soil.

Savings on fertilization may reach up to 30% (depends from local conditions). At the same time our clients can implement good agricultural practices, within the framework of rational fertilization.

In order to optimize the use of this technology in determining the zones of variable fertilization, client should conduct electromagnetic scanning of the soil and test some of its samples. Periodic missions over the field, done during the season and the material which is obtained from them, will help to choose the optimal dose of fertilizer, according to changing conditions and while changing the crops themself.

To our clients we offer:

  • determining the zones of variable fertilization
  • plant health map (for example, NDVI map)
  • RGB orthophotomap
  • rural allotment boundaries establishment



Agricultural insurances


   In many countries all over the world, agricultural insurance is the main tool for managing risks associated with farming. Every farmer at some point will have to cope with small, medium or heavy losses of their crops. Damages can be caused by wild animals, adverse weather conditions such as drought, excessive rains, frosts, storms and hurricanes. In most cases, accurate determination of damaged area is very difficult, which negatively results in the amount of compensation. Thanks to the use of drones which can perform missions in difficult to reach areas, we can quickly make an inventory of fields and farm, shortly after the damage occur.

   Making the orthophotomap of the farm can help to accurately determine areas of damage, and thus determine the amount of compensation.

   Our analyses are useful both for farmers who seek compensation, or reinsurance companies and claims adjusters who want to document the damage.


  • accurate orthophotomap 5-10 cm/pix of the terrain, with marked damaged area
  • measurements of damaged area
  • inventory report of the terrain with damaged area


About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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