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Drones have broad use in surveying. Thanks to the fixed-wing UAVs you can obtain large area map and with multicopters you can collect the data from smaller objects.




Open cast mines

Periodic area calculations are inseparably associated with extractive industry. They usually require a sizeable effort in the field and when they are carried out using conventional techniques, information is provided only from selected points.

In this case, with the help may come our photogrammetric measurements technology. How does it work? While using a drone, we make hundreds and sometimes thousands of pictures of the measured area. Then we enter the data into a special software that automatically finds thousands of keypoints for each pair of images, and then calculates the coordinates of each of these keypoints.

This way we create a point cloud, very similar to those we can obtain from LIDAR. The resolution of such a point cloud can be up to 5cm/pix! We can easily calculate the volume of dumps or ditches, and while comparing it with the previous measurements - the volume of the dredged material. What's more, thanks to the high resolution of the measurement, we can also take into account local deviations such as the local collections, little dumps, etc.

Very often our clients ask us about the accuracy of the measurements. Our experience gained from previous projects, confirms the linear accuracy in axes X and Y at the level of 1-2 pixels (5-10cm), and the Z-axis at the level of 2-3 pixels (10-15cm). In case of volume measurement difference between our photogrammetric measurement and LIDAR is negligible (about 0.1%).

The new technology can facilitate and speed up your work in significant way. Our company has the largest experience in Poland in performing these difficult measurements. We have a wide case studies porfolio, which we can present during the meetings, along with the accuracy analysis.

Thanks to our drones you can get:

  • point cloud in .las, .laz, .xyz formats
  • elevation map in geotiff format
  • isolines in .dwg, .dxf formats
  • orthophotomap
  • watercourse analysis
  • analysis of area of inundations
  • area cross-sections
  • distance, volume, area calculations
  • list of coordinates featured in the area




Orthophotomaps made by UAVs are a quick and cost-effective way to obtain spatial data both for local government and central government.

Thanks to the data provided by our drone, administration has at its disposal up to date orthophotomaps, which can be used to update the register of land and buildings, and thus to calculate property taxes.

Orthophotomaps can be used for preparing or updating area development plan (zoning plan). What's important, due to the raid we get real, not declared (or planned) state of development.

Thanks to the use of drones you may also put control or inventory of the investment out, by the local government unit. The data collected by us may be used to compare the assumptions with the work done, and may help you to evaluate the progress of the construction work.

We can also perform dikes or anti-flood systems inventories. Thanks to the use of drones you can perform it even in the most adverse weather conditions.


  • control or inventory of the investment
  • area calculations for property tax
  • area development plan (zoning plan)
  • dikes or anti-flood systems inventory
  • elevation maps
  • rural allotment boundaries establishment
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Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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