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EasyMap UAV is a specialized unmanned photogrammetric system. It's a perfect solution for surveying (orthophoto, DSM, DTM), as well as for environmental measurements for precision agriculture or for environmental protection (NDVI maps).




EasyMap UAV key features

If we wanted to describe EasyMap in one word, it would be robust. When we were designing it, we wanted to create a tool that will work in all conditions and will be reliable.

So, what is our recipe for a robust drone?
First of all, it has to be made of the best materials. That is the reason why EasyMap is made entirely of carbon and Kevlar composites.
Secondly, it must have excellent aerodynamics, which allows it to fly quickly, land slowly and resists the strongest turbulence. Thus the special look of EasyMap.
Thirdly, it should be small and compact, preferably an one-piece design. And EasyMap is like this. It doesn't require complicated assembly before the flight. There's nothing what can be broken off, there is almost nothing what can be lost. For the mission you don't need to take a big box of tools with you ...
And last but not least - it should be equipped with reliable electronics, tested and repeatable. Open source autopilots do not provide those parameters ... Therefore EasyMap uses commercial autopilot from a verified provider. Specially designed firmware allows to take full advantage of the unique features of EasyMap, such as super slow landing mode*.


* Super slow landing mode - is a special EasyMap's flight mode, that allows it to slow down around 2,5 times with out risk of stall. Thanks to this unique feature, semiautomatic landings are easy as driving a  remote controlled toy car.

Essential EasyMap systems:

Automatic takeoff - will take your UAV 110m over your head after only one click and bungee release

Spin free - unlike some others designs our UAVs don't spin. In fact they use airflow separation to create even more (vortex) lift. Magic of aerodynamics...
Line following navigation - will attract your UAV to planned flight pattern, not only to next waypoint. Essential feature for photogrammetry.
Modular payload - allows you to use every payload you need (in weight and size range). Just change sensor camera safety foam and switch from daylight camera to multispectral or any other sensor.
Super Slow Landing Mode (SSLM) - will slow down your UAV to ~30km/h. Essential system for airframe's long life.
Automatic landing system - will bring your UAV back home safely. Allows you to use predefined landing patterns or design your own. Uses SSLM for low speed touchdowns.



How does it work

EasyMap UAV is operated by two independent systems: RC transmitter and groundstation. As a result, even when (unlikely) one of them would fail, we can still maintain full control over the EasyMap.


After starting the transmitter, groundstation and the drone, all systems are ready for a flight in about two to five minutes. Then we press the button "take-off" on the groundstation and throw EasyMap towards the wind (as an option there are bungee cords available to facilitate the start). The plane automatically climbs a safe altitude, then returns to the launch site, waiting for our further commands. Then we send it on a mission, and after the completion, EasyMap returns to the launch site. At this point we can choose either landing in automatic mode, or we can use safe and easy semi-automatic landing mode, called super slow landing mode.




EasyMap UAV set includes

The standard* EasyMap set includes:

  • EasyMap UAV
  • RC transmiter
  • groundstation with laptop / tablet
  • carrying bag
  • postprocessing software (Pix4D Mapper)
  • 20 Mpx RGB camera (Sony RX100 or Ricoh GR on demand)
  • user's manual


Thanks to this complete , serial equipment which includes 16 h of free**  product training, you can start your work without any problems, in a very short time.

* standard version of EasyMap is BVLOS version with Pix4D Mapper included

** the free product training is being held in Poland or at authorized distributor's site




EasyMap UAV is designed for photogrammetric measurements. You can use it to create orthophotomaps in the visible light and near-infrared, but also to create numerical terrain models. See our examples!

1. Photogrammetric measurements in gravel open cast mine.

Read quality report: Raport Obora Open Cast Mine


2. Photogrammetric measurements of railroad infrastructure


3. Photogrammetric measurements of  Przemysl bypas road (during construction).



Intresting facts

Did you know that Kevlar, which we use to build EasyMap is up to 5 times stronger than structural steel? Besides, Kevlar is main material used while making bulletproof vests - hence their resistance.


Are you suprised by unusual shape of EasyMap? Thanks to it our plane uses vortex lift. If we could see the air around EasyMap, before our eyes would show two horizontal "tornadoes", glued to the upper surface of the wing. It is they, who are responsible for over half of the lift at low speeds.



Technical Data

About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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