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1. Do I need permission or license to fly drones - in most countries, if you want to fly commercially then you need a license. If you want to fly for pleasure it's probably not necessary, but it does not relieve you from compliance with aviation law. If you are not sure whether the area allowed us to fly, call the nearest airport.

2. I want to start a business and provide services. What I have to do? - in most countries you will need a training and UAV license. Unfortunately, requirements vary from country to country, so we can't give you exact directions what to do.

3. Can I fly near to the airports? - airspace around airports almost always requires you to have approval for your flights. Call Airport Tower to obtain consent. Remember to prepare your planned flight data as time and date, altitude, area etc.

4. Do I need a groundstation for flights VLOS - in most cases not. During the VLOS flight station is useful but is not essential. The operator should always have visual contact with the drone, so VLOS flights  can deal only with transmitter RC

5. Do I need a groundstation for flights BVLOS - yes. During the flight BVLOS there is no possibilities to maintain eye contact with drone so the base station is the only form of checking the status of the drone and communicate with it.

6. When I need a professional solution like EasyMap? - if you plan to lead regular flights and you care about the quality of data obtained you should opt for such solutions.

7. Is Micromap enough for my work - if you plan to perform orthophotomap occasionally as a supplement to the daily work then Micromap should suffice. However, if you plan to use it frequently, it would be better to decide on EasyMap

8. Why do not you produce gasoline driven drones? Because users need solutions easy to use and trouble-free, even if somewhat reflects on performance.

9. What is the carbon fiber and Kevlar - they are two types of fibers used in the manufacture of advanced composites. Carbon fibers are extremely stiff, while the Kevlar fibers have an unparalleled impact strength. Thanks to this qualities EasyMap is so strong.

10. Why do you use folding propeller?  - because folding propellers are harder to break during lendings.

11. What is VLOS, BVLOS, RC? - VLOS - Visual Range Of Sight, BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line Of Sight, RC - Radio Control

About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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