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For distributors

We invite you to participate in our new Authorized Distributor Program. It will allow your company to become a distributor of high-end UAVs (drones) for photogrammetry and to extend the coverage of your company for a new products and services.

Being EasyMap's and Masterfly's distributor gives you new opportunities on the market. But to exploit these opportunities fully, you need to have a manufacturer support. That is why we offer everybody who will decide to start cooperation with us one week training and unlimited online support.

We do remember that your success is our success.

To become our local distributor you need to purchase Distributor Starter Pack that includes:

  •     EasyMap UAV basic set (contains all hardware and postprocessing software license)
  •     Trainer UAV – UAV flight training system
  •     RC Simulator
  •     Advanced 7 days training (held in Poland)
  •     Three sets of batteries
  •     Spare parts set (servo, servo arms, aileron/elevator arms, propeller, spinner etc.)
  •     Marketing materials (leaflets, logos, pictures, videos, product presentation, gadgets)
  •     Unlimited online support
  •     Official Authorized Distributor Certificate

As an option to above Distributor Starter Pack, we are able to conduct training in Distributor’s country.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, contact us.

Take a look at our distributor's success story and decide if you want to follow their steps.


About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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