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MasterFly is an universal unmanned aerial vehicle that will perform both very demanding photogrammetric missions and reconnaissance missions. Long flight time, resistance to weather conditions and service loads but also unrivaled ease of use, make MasterFly a truly professional tool.





Masterfly UAV key features

In short: MasterFly looks and acts like EasyMap UAV, with this difference that:
- it has two motors;
- takes more than 2 times bigger payload;
- can fly 2 times longer;
- the span of its wings is 30 cm bigger.

Apart from the above, the idea of MasterFly is the same as the idea of  EasyMap UAV: we wanted to be resistant, easy to use and effective in operation. MasterFly, as the only one in its class does not require assembly before the flight, while still being compact enough to fit in every car. Just like its smaller brother, MasterFly able to land in the "super-slow landing mode", which helps to avoid difficulties with usege of parachute.
In summary: the concept of EasyMap was so successful, that it would be a sin not to develop it.


Essential MasterFly systems:

Automatic takeoff - will take your UAV 110m over your head after only one click and bungee release

Spin free - unlike some others designs our UAVs don't spin. In fact they use airflow separation to create even more (vortex) lift. Magic of aerodynamics...
Line following navigation - will attract your UAV to planned flight pattern, not only to next waypoint. Essential feature for photogrammetry.
Modular payload - allows you to use every payload you need (in weight and size range). Just change sensor camera safety foam and switch from daylight camera to multispectral or any other sensor.
Super Slow Landing Mode (SSLM) - will slow down your UAV to ~30km/h. Essential system for airframe's long life.
Automatic landing system - will bring your UAV back home safely. Allows you to use predefined landing patterns or design your own. Uses SSLM for low speed touchdowns.



How does it work

MasterFly uses the same control system as EasyMap UAV. It can be operated two independent systems, RC transmitter or groundstation. As a result, even if one of them would fail (unlikely), we could still maintain full control over MasterFly.


After starting the transmitter, groundstation and the drone, all systems are ready to flight in two up to five minutes. When you are ready to start, you attach MasterFly into stretched bungee ropes, you push the button "take-off" on the ground station and let it go. It rises automatically up to the safe height, then returns to the launch site, waiting for your further commands. Then you send it on a mission. After the completion of the mission, MasterFly automatically returns over the launch site. At this point we can choose either landing in automatic mode, or we can use safe and easy semi-automatic landing mode, called super slow landing mode*.

* Super slow landing mode - is a special EasyMap's flight mode, that allows it to slow down around 2,5 times with out risk of stall. Thanks to this unique feature, semiautomatic landings are easy as driving a  remote controlled toy car.



MasterFly UAV set includes

The Photogrammetry MasterFly set includes:

  • MasterFly UAV
  • RC transmiter
  • groundstation with laptop / tablet
  • carrying bag
  • postprocessing software (Pix4D Mapper)
  • one 42 MPx Sony RX1 digital full frame sensor camera and optionally other sensors or batteries
  • user's manual
  • product training*


*the free product training is being held in Poland




MasterFly can be used both as a specialized photogrammetry platform, which can carry up two high-resolution cameras or as a surveillance platform (with variety of sensors).



Intesting facts

Thanks to the fact that MasterFly has two motors in the front, accelerated flow (by propellers) over its wing produces lift force, even if the true airspeed is zero. This phenomena is used by some transport aircrafts.



Technical data

About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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