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Micromap is an universal, cost-effective UAV that works for photogrammetry and FPV flights. With the ability of additional options, you can configure Micromap according to your needs.



MicroMap UAV key features

Drones made of foam are the most popular solutions on the market, but usually also very expensive. Our Micromap stands up to this trend. It is functional, user-friendly, easy to use drone, designed for VLOS flights. It easily fulfills its job. With careful selection of components, MicrMap provides the optimal ratio of quality to price. This is a perfect solution for everybody who starts to work with UAVs, and doesn't want to invest in UAVs big amounts of money from the very beginning.



How does it work

The basic rule while creating this drone was simplicity. All functions can be operated with the transmitter, using switches and sticks.


Dostępne są trzy tryby lotu:

There are 3 flight modes available:

  • Semi-automatic - operator sets the direction and flight hight;
  • RTH (return-to-home) - plane automatically returns over the launch site;
  • NAV (navigation) - plane performs mission which was uploaded earlier.

If you want to use only the semi-automatic and RTH modes, there is no need to connect MicroMap to the computer. You can enjoy the impressions of the FPV flight without the hassle of planning the mission. However, if you want to make a photo mission, you can easily connect plane to your computer via USB and programme it to take pictures during the flight as often as it is needed, to cover our area perfectly.

If you decide to enrich MicroMap by a BVLOS set, you will get the ability to track the aircraft on the map and send advanced commands, including changing the programmed route during the flight.



MicroMap UAV set includes

The set we offer contains airframe, RC transmiter, electric brushless motor with ESC, servos and cables; it also contains preset UAV Control Box and photogrammetry KIT: compact camera, GPS logger and accesories. The assembly is very easy and all you need is a proper glue and a sharp knife.

If you don't want to set up and start your MicroMap on your own - we will do it for you.


You can customize your MicroMap with additional options:

  • FPV - it sends the image from the camera to the monitor, which is mounted on RC transmiter. Flight parameters are displayed together with the image. This option is not available with BVLOS option! Available only for EU clients!
  • BVLOS - the set contains two modems, from which one is working on the plane and the second is working on the ground. The long range telemetry modem allows to send accurate flight data directly to the groundstation. This option is not only available with FPV option!
  • Carbon - carbon fablon, which increases durability of the plane, and gives it unique look.




MicroMap is a tool, which can be use for work, but also for fun. Our system will provide you with hundreds of pictures, so you can create orthophotomap or DSM. But MicroMap can be easily used only for entertainment. The camera is located at the front of the aircraft and sends the image to your transmitter, thanks to what you got the feeling you are in the cockpit. What's more, the UAV Control Box displays on your screen the most important flight parameters.



Interesting facts


MicroMap is like a computer game hero. Why? Because it can have an infinite number of "lives". It is made from super-durable EPP foam, but as everybody knows, stuff happens... In case of crash, you can remove UAV Control Box into the new airframe. After connecting just five cables, you are back in the game.



Technical data


About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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