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Rotomap is a narrow product line of multicopters, build and customized for the most demanding clients.

Rotomap X4 RTK

RotoMap X4 is the smallest solution from the whole RotoMap series. Its key features are small dimensions, great structural strength and a rigid airframe despite being able to fold.

RotoMap X4 has been designed to complete missions while its payload is no bigger than 1kg and a flight time is up to 30 min. Airframe has been built from carbon fiber plates, 2 and 1,5 mm thick with 3K Twill. Multicopter’s arms are made of carbon tubes with high wall thickness (16 mm diameter) and with 3K Twill.

RotoMap X4RTK/PPK use NEO-M8P GNSS module, that combines the high performance u-blox M8 positioning engine with u-blox’s Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology. The NEO-M8P provides cm-level GNSS performance designed to meet the needs of high precision mapping.

Technical data:

Dimensions while folded - 630mm x 245mm x 85mm
Landing gear height - 220mm
Landing gear span - 330mm
Maximum takeoff mass - 4kg 
Minimum takeoff mass -  2kg
Materials - carbon 3K, ABS, aluminum 


The basic system includes:

  1. Drone, ready to fly, with gimbal and Sony camera integration
  2. Ground station modems (to connect computer)
  3. RC Transmitter
  4. Sony RX-100m2 digital camera
  5. Battery 6S 8Ah
  6. Battery charger
  7. Carrying case
  8. Ground station software


Rotomap X6-600

The Rotomap X6 -600 is an excellent example of that kind solution; autonomously fying hexacopter, specifcally designed for surveying, industrial inspections, agriculture and forestry. Equipped with an advanced fight computer,this UAV can reach any target and can independently create high resolution images and videos. An unique features of the ROTOMAP X6-600 offer the possibility to adapt various kinds of payload such as hyper- and multi-spectral sensors, infrared and thermal sensors, and sensors for other industry-specifc missions.


About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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